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IS IT LEGAL Gorebook ??

You probably have something in mind, which is probably what brought you to this page and the legality of its content so let me address some of the questions you may be having.

What is Gorebook?
Gorebook is actually a video website. It reports on real events and events that take place in the world at large. The photos and videos shared on Gorebook are not the work of some Hollywood special effects team.
They are as real as you see it and I believe that people have the right to know the truth and what happens in the world. The truth and the real life and without censorship, and that is precisely why Gorebook exists. We live on this planet, we share space with other people - it must be our duty and our responsibility to know what is really happening around us.
Many people seem to live in a fantasy in a pink world, which makes them weak, vulnerable, and often dangerous. To awaken people to reality, Gorebook was created.
Human bodies are more fragile than most people think. As a result, they act like they're invincible and end up hurting (or killing) themselves and / or others.
To prove it, you just have to see the photos and videos without censorship. Until you have a clear, uncensored view of what irresponsible driving, drug abuse, or disregard for workplace safety procedures can do to you, you won't see a reason to change. But once you've seen corpses with open heads, limbs ripped off, or guts sticking out of the body, you'll start to think twice about deliberately putting yourself in such situations.
Through uncensored reporting, people can learn the truth about criminals who might be operating near their neighborhoods, how safe or dangerous their teenager really is, or what human beings are actually capable of doing. to others.
Gorebook exposes the truth about humans as a whole and the truth is not always pleasant.
Get ready for a shocking, disturbing and offensive experience. The reality is often extremely difficult to witness with your own eyes. It is, after all ... it's a reality.

Isn't it illegal?
It can be morally questionable, socially inappropriate and a thousand other things, but it is NOT illegal. Gorebook is hosted in Europe. It was carefully reviewed by lawyers for its content and both confirmed that is 100% legal. Showing real and uncensored videos is not prohibited by any European country.
Although it is legal in Europe, it is the responsibility of each individual to ensure that the content they are viewing on the Internet does not violate the laws of their country of origin.

Is this a safe site?
Gorebook prides itself on being a 100% secure site. Just a little advertising, absolutely no viruses, no spyware, no hidden scripts - nothing like that. There are also no redirects, no animated graphics or background music so the site loads reasonably fast despite the high traffic. Rest assured that you are in a 100% secure site, where your online security and privacy are 100% respected.

What about the photos of the children? Isn't it Pederasty?
Some Gorebook pages contain images and / or videos of children's corpses. These children died from various causes, sometimes from abuse (including sexual abuse). The media containing images of these corpses were recorded for medical purposes and / or as crime scene photos to assist with the criminal investigation. These media capture deceased children with the intention of documenting the case. Unlike the pictures of penises, the boys were not instructed to pose in a way that induces sexual satisfaction in sick people and as such cannot be classified as pederasty.
Take note, that countless images of deceased children can be found in textbooks for medical students and / or criminal investigators. Do you think textbooks material for pedophiles? Of course not and it is the same with Gorebook.
To clarify - I understand that there might be individuals who might find such images sexually gratifying, but it is no different from the clothing catalogs for young boys or ballet schools. The minds of some individuals are simply twisted beyond my control and there is nothing I can do about it.

I think this site is disgusting and needs to be removed from the internet!
I understand that sudden exposure to uncensored reality can be overwhelming. I know you don't want to hurt and you feel genuinely offended and you want to prevent other people from feeling the same.
Please understand that it is nothing more and nothing less than the harsh reality that is published in Gorebook. The website could be removed, but do you think anything will change in the fact that people are dying? That the children are being killed? That gangs maim entire families? That terrorists behead? That politicians kill their opponents to secure their position? ..... Do you get the point?

Turning a blind eye to reality will not prevent bad things from happening. If you find the content on Gorebook offensive and disturbing, maybe you should support it so that more people will see it and start to realize that the world is not all pink and start taking your personal safety seriously and start acting responsibly with regarding themselves and others. If you really want to prevent people from seeing reality, prevent the things you see in the videos from happening, do not turn your back on reality, do not censor.

But what if kids land on this horrible website?
This website contains an uncensored reality. It can happen on a given day that a child would walk and be surprised by a horrible scene, for example a murder, a fight, whatever and who will he blame then? What if a child goes home with a friend and a drunk driver cuts the friend right in front of this child's eyes? What if the child is hit and will see his lower body smashed into pieces? Real life is not censored. Whatever we do, there is no way to prevent children from being exposed to reality.
That being said, every effort was made to ensure that children did not find their way to Gorebook, however parents need to do their part and monitor their children's activities while on the Internet. Don't blame the messenger ...

For an internet without censorship -

Last updated on: Jan 29, 2020