moral question purely out of scientific interest


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i try to reassure myself that there is no such thing as true morality and no such thing as truth or objectivity, so extremely cruel actions on the part of individuals are not surprising, even though they are immoral by conventional standards. but do all of these people have absolutely no sense of sympathy for their victims? is it really possible that, without a guilty conscience, people can genuinely revel in the suffering of a doomed person in a perverse way??

voyeurs and other fetishists, users who are authors of violent content etc., have you never felt any guilt or regret for what you are doing? have you always had such ruthlessness in you, or did it come about as a consequence? do you sometimes think about morality and ethics of your actions?

"The killer in me is the killer in you" There is not many humans that are empathetic to all humans of all races and creeds, at best they'll just lie about it.