Crazy couple mutiliated a corpse for three days (murder of Robert Beckowitz)



"On July 14th 1982, just before midnight, 33 year-old Robert Beckowitz sat next to his girlfriend, 21 year-old Jeannine Clark, watching The Benny Hill Show. Later that evening Robert’s friend, 37 year-old James Edward Glover, entered the home and shot him point blank in the back of the head. He then proceeded to stab him 83 times.

Following the murder James and Jeannine, who had been having an affair, decided to have a 3-day drug fuelled orgy. The said orgy involved sex with, mutilation of, and dismemberment of Robert’s corpse by the pair - all of which they captured on film. They posed his corpse in a variety of positions: One photo depicts Robert’s decapitated head on a chair with the toe of his dismembered foot in his mouth. Another photo depicts his dismembered penis and the fingers of one of his dismembered hands inside his mouth. The pair took turns posing with Robert while mutilating him and cutting him up with an ax-saw that James had borrowed from his mother.

Eventually, Robert was cut up into 14 pieces and hidden around the apartment in plastic bags. After the drugs had worn off, James decided to call the police and hand himself in. Jeannine said her involvement in the crime was against her will - claiming she never wanted Robert to die and that she had been forced to participate under duress. A neighbor claims to have seen Jeannine leaving the apartment and returning shortly after - a later claim confirmed that she went out to buy more film for the camera. The expressions on her face in the photos tell a different story and her claims were thrown out of court until James admitted that he had forced Jeannine to take part.

Jeannine was sentenced to 6 years in prison for mutilation of a corpse. James pleaded guilty and received 30 to 50 years in prison for 2nd degree murder and mutilation."